AODN Platform Vocabulary

Kokopo Chief

alt label
VRRD more like this
created less than 2013-05-30T00:00:00Zmore like thismore than 2013-05-30T00:00:00Z
modified less than 2017-06-16T02:25:45Zmore like thismore than 2017-06-16T02:25:45Z
definition Container ship vessel, which is currently flying the flag of Hong Kong (May 2013). more like this
hidden label IMO:8907412 more like this
publisher eMarine Information Infrastructure (eMII) more like this
scope note built:1990 more like this
source Australian Ocean Data Network platform register more like this
Resource original
Concept original
broader 32 original
contributor eMII_Atkins.Natalia original
creator Sebastien-Mancini original
in scheme 1 original
is primary topic of 282
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